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 How put color in my nickname or message?

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PostSubject: How put color in my nickname or message?   Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:00 pm

1) Download Ut2k4 message colorizer Here

2) open it

3) open the file where you register UT2k3 in your computer (ex: C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 2003)

4) search the file '' System''

5) Open it

6) search the file ''User''

7) Open it

now you have UT2k4 message colorizer and the file ''user'' open.

8.) writte the message you want or the nick you want in ut2k4 message colorizer

9) copy it

10) put it on the file ''user''.

- if it's a nickname, put it at the second line "Name=Player" and change player (ex: "Name=ÀÀTRY.ÀÀÀ1")

- if it's a message, choose a letter that is not writting something yet (ex : "P")
writte this : "P=say Your Message"

11) then when you push "p" in the game "Your message" appear Smile

all pixs are make by LIL'C ©

Thε Drεαm øn Lεαdεr : LiL'C

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How put color in my nickname or message?
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